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“We look forward to watching Terravessa grow into a dynamic neighborhood that will provide a roadmap for future affordable and sustainable developments!”

CHAD M. LAWLER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR  |  Madison Area Builders Association

Get to know the Terravessa® Neighborhood … of Fitchburg

Fitchburg is known as a progressive and environmentally-conscious community — where residents care about sustainability, accessibility, and open spaces.  That’s why we’re excited to bring you amenity-rich Terravessa — a 21st Century neighborhood that embraces all of these attributes and much more.  This is not your typical suburban neighborhood of the past.  Terravessa is a neighborhood with great promise of the future.  One with a theme, culture, and amenities suited to the lifestyles of the residents seeking sustainability and active recreation, with a commitment to quality landscape and building design.  It is truly be a unique place to live in the Greater Madison area.

We invite you to take a look.

Flyover  9.1.23


Terravessa® is in close proximity to the entire Dane County area. Commuters can easily hop on the Beltline — just 1 ½ miles away — and head east to Interstate 90/94/39, west to Middleton, downtown to the Capitol Square, or use US Highway 14 to travel south to Janesville and beyond.

What’s nearby?

Within a 5-minute car ride you’ll find Fitchburg’s Library, Lake Waubesa, Dane County Recreation Area with dog park and disc golf and the new south campus of Madison College.

Bikes, Buses & Car-Sharing

But despite the convenient location, we don’t want Terravessa residents to be completely auto-dependent.  Bikers can make it to the Capitol Square in just 20 minutes on the nearby Capitol City State Trail — or bike for miles on the Trail’s many connections.

For those seeking mass transit options, as the neighborhood grows it is anticipated that Madison Metro will be running bus service through the area.

Additionally, for the exclusive use of Terravessa residents, we plan to create a non-profit community car-sharing program.  For an annual or monthly fee, participant members can use a car for errands or a trip to the grocery store — at a fixed hourly rate.


If you’re looking for a neighborhood of parks and open spaces, look no further than Terravessa.  Of the 248 acres that make up this neighborhood, almost half have been designated as open space an environmental corridor.  That may mean fewer lots on which to build, but we like to think of all that open space as an amenity for those that live here.

A New Age in Parks — With all this open space, we wanted to create a unique environment — an inviting setting that reflects what a new age park system could provide.  With baseball diamonds and tennis courts readily available at other nearby Fitchburg parks, Terravessa will be different.

Here’s a sample of what’s planned for Terravessa:

• Conversation & gathering area

• Urban farming

• A marketplace to buy local produce

• A network of bike & pedestrian paths

• Public artwork

• Meditative space



Terravessa’s design takes great strides in minimizing the environmental impact of new development.  For example, while southern Wisconsin has experienced abnormal rainfall, we understand the importance of controlling run-off and promoting water infiltration.  Our bioswales, terrace rain gardens and permeable alleyway pavement emphasize infiltration for responsible growth management.  As time goes on, we are monitoring any run-off that may occur and making necessary infiltration modifications as we continue with future phases.  

Sustainability is also evident throughout Terravessa’s other amenities.  Whether it’s the urban farming, access to commuter bike paths, solar incentives and opportunities, future bus service, neighborhood school, access to commercial services or car-sharing program, Terravessa is holding itself responsible to be as sustainable as possible — and is the exception to the rule with today’s new residential development.

Learn more about sustainability in Terravessa.


What exactly is urban farming?  Well, at Terravessa that means 20 acres of land that will be set aside for organic farming right here in the neighborhood.  At some point, a plan is in process to provide year-round food production.

Local urban farmers have been growing produce on this land for many years, and selling at various farmers markets.  But we envision their produce being sold to Terravessa residents and local small businesses in the neighborhood — to create an authentic “farm-to-table” experience.


Although located in Fitchburg, Terravessa is in the highly-regarded Oregon School District.  And even better, the Oregon District has built a “net-zero energy,” K-6 elementary school in the neighborhood.  The District broke ground in April of 2019 and it is now open to students.  Walk your child to school … what a great neighborhood amenity!

Learn more about Forest Edge Elementary School.


Affordability and diversity are two of the main objectives in creating Terravessa.  With the Madison area housing demand pricing many first-time homebuyers out of the market, many Terravessa housing options will be available at very competitive prices.  The bottom line is, we’re delivering more affordable options in a neighborhood with significant amenities.

While you’re invited to bring in your own builder, several local builders have committed to build homes in Terravessa.  Restrictions are minimal by square footage — but demanding in terms of exterior aesthetics.  Our vision is to create a neighborhood and environment that all residents will be proud to call home.  Builders will also be strongly encouraged to include energy-saving components in their new homes — which new homeowners will surely appreciate.

The majority of our single-family lots are a maximum of 50’ wide, with alley and rear-entry garage.  And smaller lots mean less maintenance and more time to do the things you prefer to do in your free time!

We anticipate that multifamily buildings will be a mix of styles and price ranges, apartments as well as condos.  As with single family homes, developers will be encouraged to include energy-saving components such as solar and green roofs.

We’ve given a lot of thought into making Terravessa an affordable, appealing, and energy efficient neighborhood.  The perfect place for you to call home!


Terravessa is a unique neighborhood with a mix of housing and environmental components such as storm water management, as well as neighborhood amenities.  With that in mind, we’ll be forming a Homeowners Association (HOA) that all residents and property owners will belong to and operate.  The grounds and activities contribute to the desirability of Terravessa — and diligent attention to maintenance is a key for the continued attractiveness, and sustainability of this neighborhood for generations to come.

If you are a current Terravessa resident, we invite you to join our private neighborhood group on Facebook.


Over time, many retail services will be a part of Terravessa.  With a growing population of consumers, this neighborhood is destined to provide services that residents will appreciate being within walking distance of home.  Whether a restaurant, childcare, dry cleaners, health club or whatever the market demands, having convenient consumer access makes Terravessa a complete neighborhood.  Potential small business owners and those considering expansion, may want to give this opportunity serious thought for a new location.  View current neighborhood amenities.

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